Packer Industries, Inc. Your partner in waste reduction success

Welcome to the future of recycling. Reusing the things we once called waste is the smart way to do business and it has just gotten easier with the introduction of the Packer Horizontal Grinders. Whether you are involved in composting, construction waste management, construction and demolition, site clearing and grading or paving our equipment is designed for you. This is when Packer products become great alternatives to traditional land filling.

The Packer 2000 handles demolition and site clearing debris, aphalt shingles, stumps, logs, brush, leaves, and asphalt paving material. The Packer 750 grinder handles framing material, gypsum drywall, block, brick, and asphalt shingles from residential and commercial construction. These grinders are unique in that they are fully hydraulic and very easy to use. The Packer 750 includes; a remote control, magnetic head pulley that removes nails, dust suppression, and it can be towed with a 1 ton truck. The Packer 2000 includes a magnetic head pulley and dust suppression. Using Packer Industries equipment (PDF file) provides a revolutionary way of recycling the above material and is a departure from the business as usual. (jpg file Poster)

Business as usual? Not at Packer Industries, Inc.; to see why we're different, call 800-818-2899 or request information from this web site.

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